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Electrical Panel Upgrades in Oakland, CA

The electrical panel serves as the hub of your home’s electricity. It’s important that it be well maintained for this reason. If your system is old, it might not be able to properly distribute electricity to new appliances, home additions, and other electrical changes. This can result in poor performance of your appliances. Worse, added strain on your panel causes circuit breakers to trip and enhanced possibilities for electrical fires. For all of these reasons, it’s important to have an experienced electrician inspect your system once a year, or at least whenever you’re planning major changes to your home.

When you need electric panel upgrades in Oakland, CA, and surrounding areas, contact Mister Sparky for quality service and a fair price. Our highly trained technicians will give you an honest assessment of your electrical system and recommend appropriate panel upgrades. No matter how big or small your job might be, we guarantee your satisfaction.

:Panel Changeouts: What They Are & Do You Need Them?

Old homes contain a lot of memories, but their electrical systems aren’t always up to snuff. If an electrical system was installed more than 20 years ago, it might not be able to meet the demands of your modern lifestyle. In situations like these, electricians recommend a panel upgrade.  A panel upgrade up increases your amperage (i.e. 100 amps to 200 amps). This type of upgrade offers these great benefits:

Enhanced Electrical Distribution - If you’re lights flicker when you turn on appliances, you may be due for an upgrade. A heavy up will give you more consistent energy throughout your home.

Better Electrical Safety - Overloading an electrical panel can lead to fires. If you’re 30-year old system keeps tripping, you’re probably due for a new electrical panel.

Room to Grow - New electrical panel installation gives you more options. Whether you intend on adding a new air conditioner or a home office, upgrades enhance your home’s resale value.

Service Upgrades in Oakland, CA

Count On Us for Sub Panel Installation

Simplify your electrical system and call us for sub panel installation. A new sub panel is a different kind of upgrade than a heavy up. While it does not up your amperage, it does allow you to add more circuit breakers. Some homeowners also like how a sub panel makes it easier to manage the electricity in their home, such as having a sub panel exclusively for their kitchen, garage, or home addition.

Contact us if you have questions about updating your electrical system. We proudly serve Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, Alameda, and San Leandro, California.

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